25 – 28 March 2023

Abstracts could be submitted on one of the following topics:

Authors were invited to submit abstracts, classified by topics. There is a limitation of five submissions per individual. Those abstracts scoring the highest will be allotted an Oral Communication session.

⦁ Anxiety Disorders and Somatoform Disorders
⦁ Bipolar Disorders
⦁ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
⦁ Classification of Mental Disorders
⦁ Climate change
⦁ Comorbidity/Dual Pathologies
⦁ Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatics
⦁ COVID-19 and related topics
⦁ Cultural Psychiatry
⦁ Depressive Disorders
⦁ E-mental Health
⦁ Eating Disorders
⦁ Emergency Psychiatry
⦁ Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry
⦁ Ethics and Psychiatry
⦁ Forensic Psychiatry
⦁ Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology
⦁ Guidelines/Guidance
⦁ Intellectual Disability
⦁ Mental Health Care
⦁ Mental Health Policies
⦁ Migration and Mental health of Immigrants
⦁ Neuroimaging
⦁ Neuroscience in Psychiatry
⦁ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
⦁ Old Age Psychiatry
⦁ Oncology and Psychiatry
⦁ Pain
⦁ Personality and Personality Disorders
⦁ Philosophy and Psychiatry
⦁ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
⦁ Precision Psychiatry
⦁ Prevention of Mental Disorders
⦁ Promotion of Mental Health
⦁ Psychoneuroimmunology
⦁ Psychopathology
⦁ Psychopharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics
⦁ Psychophysiology
⦁ Psychosurgery and Stimulation Methods (ECT, TMS, VNS, DBS)
⦁ Psychotherapy
⦁ Quality Management
⦁ Rehabilitation and Psychoeducation
⦁ Research Methodology
⦁ Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders
⦁ Sexual Medicine and Mental Health
⦁ Sleep Disorders and Stress
⦁ Addictive Disorders
⦁ Suicidology and Suicide Prevention
⦁ Training in Psychiatry
⦁ Women, Gender and Mental Health
⦁ Others

The correct category and topic must be selected to ensure correct scoring. The content of the abstract must be topic related.  The Committee reserves the right to change the topic under which the abstract was originally submitted.

Important Dates

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