25 – 28 March 2023

Guidelines for the use of EPA Corporate Identity, for Events or Publications which are not organised directly by the EPA.

The EPA (European Psychiatric Association) and the European Congress of Psychiatry names, logos and corporate identity reflect the credibility of and is the sole intellectual property of the EPA. In general, these logos, names, abbreviations or whatever symbols of corporate identity of the EPA and the European Congress of Psychiatry MAY NOT be used by any organisation or individual other than the EPA. This also applies to activities organised concurrent with or at EPA Congresses/events and which are not organised by the EPA Scientific Programme Committee or subject to the full scientific and other reviews of the EPA Congress Scientific Programme Committee.

However, special permission will be granted for sponsors and for scientific activities organised by approved external parties at EPA Congresses and events, such as for approved satellite symposia, under the following conditions:

An application must be made to the EPA administration via: maya.ravinsky@europsy.net preferably at the same time as the submission of the scientific contents/Programme of the satellite symposium. Written consent must be obtained.

The application must:

  • Indicate the nature of the printed matter / document such as an invitation, flyer, poster, etc.
  • Indicate for which activity it is intended (if for a scientific session the Programme contents should be attached)
  • Contain an electronic graphic version of each document, poster, invitation or whatever that intends to display the logo/ EPA identity. A draft submission may be submitted for first review, but a final graphic version is required to obtain EPA approval.

The EPA name, logo etc. should not be the principal visual identity of the document, and should not exceed 5% of the surface of any one page or surface. The discretion of the EPA will apply.

Any non-EPA event for which such logo/name use is requested must be a bona fide scientific event, and does not include social events.

The EPA and the European Congress of Psychiatry branding or logos may not be used on letterheads.

The documents displaying the EPA and the European Congress of Psychiatry logo/identity may not create the visual impression of being principally organised by the EPA. The actual organiser/sponsor must be clearly stated.

Please contact the EPA administration, valerie.kiechel@europsy.net, for further information. We will be glad to assist you or discuss special situations not covered in these guidelines.

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